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Mining Activities – Visitation
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Mining Activities – Visitation (B)

General information

The organisation of visitations of mining activities just for fun requires a special authorisation.


The authorisation will be obtained if the safety measures are enough, the guides have the necessary knowledge and the visitations do not disturb the mining activities.


The holder of the mining licence needs the authorisation before starting the visitation.


  • Application
    • 47.30 Euro federal fee
    • Attachment: 3.90 Euro per sheet
  • Final administrative decision
    • Approval: 6.50 Euro federal administrative tax and 83.60 Euro federal fee for the first sheet and 14.30 Euro federal fee for the other sheets
    • Refusal: free of charge  

Responsible department

Competent authority

Detail information

Legal basis

Section 189 of the Mineralrohstoffgesetz (MinroG)