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Battery - Notification
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Battery - Notification (B)

General information

The Batterienverordnung stipulates that notifications about the portable and automotive batteries on the market and about the respective waste batteries taken back and/or collected as well as reused and/or recycled must be transmitted electronically.

Persons subject to notification obligations

In the Batterienverordnung a distinction is made between the following roles:

  • Producers (importers)
    These are all persons with headquarters or business location in Austria who, irrespective of the selling technique used (including by means of distance sales), place for the first time portable or automotive or industrial batteries or accumulators on the market in Austria for commercial purposes.
  • Self-importers
    Self-importers means final consumers who purchase portable batteries or automotive batteries from abroad for their business operations and in whose businesses such batteries become waste.
  • Collection and recovery systems for waste electrical and electronic equipment
    These are officially approved systems which ensure the collection and recovery of those waste electrical devices for which contracts with producers or importers have been concluded.
  • Operators of collection points (collectors of waste electrical equipment)
    These are collectors of waste electrical equipment according to section 24a of the Abfallwirtschaftsgesetz 2002 (AWG 2002) and in particular operators of municipal collection points.
  • Processors of waste electrical equipment
    These are processors for material and thermal recycling and/or disposal.


  • Producers of portable batteries
    They must report electronically, via the EDM system, to the coordinating agency of the masses of batteries placed on the market in Austria in the respective calendar quarter until seven weeks after the expiry of the quarter to be reported, if this doesn’t take place by a commissioned collection and recovery system.
  • Collection and recovery systems
    They must report electronically for each calendar quarter a total sum, respectively of the masses of portable batteries placed on the market or imported for the purpose of own consumption by their participants until seven weeks after the expiry of the quarter to be reported. By means of this notification the respective notification requirement of the producers participating in this recovery and collection system is fulfilled.
  • All producers as well as self-importers
    They must, for the previous calendar year, report the collected, recycled, and exported masses of waste portable and automotive batteries, via the EDM system, to the coordinating agency until the 10th of April of each calendar year.
  • All waste collectors (in particular communities or associations of communities) which take over waste batteries from a final user and don’t give back these devices to the producers.
    They must report for these devices, via the EDM system, until the 10th of April of each calendar year on the collected, recycled, and exported waste equipment to the coordinating agency.
  • All waste processors processing waste batteries.
    They must make the recycling data available to the respective collector and/or processor subject to the notification requirement

The exact contents of the notification can be taken from the Batterienverordnung.

Required documents

No special documents are required.


No tariffs or duties have to be paid.


Registration is by electronic means via the EDM portal of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management.

Entrepreneurs registered in the Business Service Portal USP have the possibility to use this and many other online proceduresGerman text with one single logging into the USP. More detailed information on the registration in the USP is available in the online guidance on USP registrationGerman text.

Responsible department

Competent authority

Detail information


To submit one's notification, registration in the electronic master data register is required, which must be applied for at the EDM portal of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management.

After the registration and the login (entry of the access data), the required notifications to the EDM portal can be carried out.

The EDM application enables apart from the entry of the electrical equipment placed on the market by the producers also the collection from the about 2,000 registered collection points in Austria, which are allocated to a collection and recovery system via a collection coordination of the Austrian Coordinating Agency (Koordinierungsstelle Austria EAK).

Additional information

Legal basis

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