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Radiation Protection Registers
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Radiation Protection Registers (B)

General information

The Central Radiation Protection Registers started operation upon the entry-into-force of the Allgemeine Strahlenschutzverordnung 2006. With the establishment of these registers it became possible to meet the notification obligation set out in radiation protection law online. Both the persons obligated to report and authorities (in the framework of their local competence) have access to the radiation protection registers. The application is registered at the Austrian Data Protection Commission according to the Data Protection Act. The database is operated by the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism.

The Central Radiation Protection Registers can be accessed at (Central Dose Register) as well as (Register of Radiation Sources). After Registration of the persons in charge of notification, the access authorisation is checked and access is activated.

The Central Register of Radiation Sources

Persons holding a permit under radiation protection law are subject to the notification obligation. Notification is required for radioactive materials, including orphan sources (that is, sources that have been found) and radioactively contaminated materials, as well as the marketing of appliances subject to type-approval.

The Central Register of Radiation Sources comprises:

  • Radiation sources: The reporting obligation relates to sealed radioactive materials. For imports of radioactive radiation sources, the required forms are available online under the menu item of the same name. With the electronic recording, the provisions of section 60 of the Allgemeine Strahlenschutzverordnung on the transboundary shipment of radioactive materials subject to notification are met as well. More detailed information on the shipment of radioactive materials are available at Notifications of highly radioactive radiation sources have to be carried out immediately (section 64 of the Allgemeine Strahlenschutzverordnung)
  • Type-approved devices with sealed radioactive substances: Holders of type-approvals and intermediaries are obligated to report, for each appliance placed on the market, data on the recipient, the appliance and the radiation source it may contain (section 59 paragraph 4 of the Allgemeine Strahlenschutzverordnung).
  • Notifications of activity balance report: Here the notification obligation according to section 59 paragraph 4 of the Allgemeine Strahlenschutzverordnung has to be fulfilled. If the preparation of an activity balance report is triggered, the data of the holder of the permit is evaluated and compared to the notifications of foreign shippers (quarterly report) in a table

The Central Dose Register

In the Central Dose Register the results of the physical and medical controls of exposed workers are stored. The evaluation units transmit the data from the physical monitoring of the handling of radiation sources (such as individual monitoring) to the Central Dose Register. The condition is that the holder of the permit under radiation protection law passed the entire information about the enterprise and the exposed worker on to the evaluation unit. For the "working" with (natural) radiation sources the procedure for the transmission of the data to the Central Dose Register is similar (section 19 of the Natürliche Strahlenquellen-Verordnung or section 6 of the Strahlenschutzverordnung fliegendes Personal) concerning mobile staff. Approved medical practitioners, occupational health services and hospitals that carried out examinations according to the Allgemeine Strahlenschutzverordnung forward the results to the database.

Holders of a permit for external enterprises (section 10 paragraph 10 of the Radiation Protection Act) get access to the Central Dose Register so they can apply for, and administer, radiological monitoring documents online (e.g. entry of the dosage balance).


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Using the Central Radiation Protection Registers is free of charge. According to the Strahlenschutzpass-Gebührenverordnung a fee of 60 Euro has to be paid for the issuing of a radiological monitoring document.


Responsible department

Competent authority

The relevant notifications have to be submitted to the Central Radiation Protection Register maintained by the  Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism at

Detail information


Except for one-time registration and activation by the competent body, the use of the Central Radiation Protection Registers does not require any administrative procedure.

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